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Craft. Connect. Captivate.
Navigating the New Age of Storytelling.

At 929 press, we understand the diverse platforms available today for storytellers, ranging from print to audiobooks, videos, events, merchandise, and beyond. With our guidance, you can seamlessly navigate through this vast array of storytelling mediums, ensuring that you effectively use each platform to its fullest potential. By partnering with us, your unique voice will consistently reach and deeply connect with a dedicated community of readers, listeners, viewers, and enthusiasts across all platforms, no matter how they prefer to engage with your content. With 929 press, you'll captivate audiences across every channel.
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What We Do

Tailored Solutions for Every Storyteller.

At 929 press, we provide specialized guidance, cutting-edge technology, and strategies designed specifically for your storytelling style and content.

By collaborating closely with you, we ensure that your work isn’t just market-ready but remains true to its roots. Our tools and expertise adapt to fit both seasoned professionals and budding creators.

With 929 press on your side, your stories will not only reach their full market potential but will also strike a chord, creating lasting connections with a broad community of eager listeners, viewers, and fans. Transform your ideas into impactful narratives that stand out on every platform.

Versatile Publication Services:

Your story is unique and deserves the perfect platform. Be it a thoughtfully designed book, a riveting audiobook, or a visual narrative, our team ensures each tale is tailored to captivate its intended audience.

Innovative Magazine Transmedia Publishing:

Redefine what a magazine can be. By integrating written content with interactive elements and immersive experiences, create publications that offer readers more than just words on a page.

Strategic Marketing & Outreach:

Navigate the landscape of modern media. Connect your narratives to those who value them most, ensuring every story finds its audience.

Distinctive Creator Identity:

Carve out a unique space in the storytelling realm. Utilize forward-thinking strategies to not only share your tales but also to establish yourself as a beacon for authentic narratives.

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