Chelle Honiker

Caffeinated - Writer - Mama - Founder - Wannabe Foo Fighter - Speaker - Trainer - Vagabond

Chelle Honiker took her empty nest on the road when her daughters grew up and discovered nice boys in college they wanted to marry. Nevertheless, she persisted and is a serial entrepreneur and startup founder and loves to tell people what to do, which is why she now teaches fellow freelance vagabonds how to build an empire.

She maintains that she’s less a writer and more of someone that just takes good notes while her imaginary friends tell her about their adventures. She writes contemporary romance and paranormal fantasy featuring echoes of places she’s traveled and people she’s met in real life, including sassy shifters, ginger-haired vampires, and a few dark fae princesses thrown in for good measure. Be nice, or you’ might find yourself in her next book.

Her big audacious dream is to live in her ancestral home of Oban, Scotland, in a castle big enough for her girl gang of writers called the Coronitas to come and go as they please. She would, of course, make them wear the tartan of the Clan MacDougall to the Oban Chocolate Factory every afternoon for coffee. As one does.

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